What should be on the website of the company?

Must have on the company website - or what to include and what to look for when designing the content?


Home is often the first impression and is a showcase of the company. It is not only the page itself, but primarily the company's image. The aim of the homepage is to encourage the visitor to read the content contained on the website and arouse interest. Homepage is no way an agglomerate of all information, that we are going to pass. Its main task is to direct the Internet user to the most important content from our point of view.


Creating the homepage, you should think about its function. What do we want the surfer after reading it to do? What is the Most Requested Action? Do you want to encourage him to explore and read the articles? Or maybe you want visitors signed up for the newsletter? Perhaps you can expect that the surfer will buy from you the product?

Homepage should be constructed so that the user performs the action you expect from him.

For example, if you have a news site, it is good to put on the home page information, which can be found on the site. It shoud bo done short and to the point. Emphasize this, why the internet user should look for information in this site and not by others (eg. underline experience in working with famous people, above-average achievements in a particular field). And also, it is good to put the pieces of the most interesting content of your site with links to full content. Home should interest the recipient and convince he is in the right place to find valuable information.

Another example. You have a company website and sell some of its products on it. In such a case what is your goal? Of course sale. In that case, the home page can present an offer of the product (if you only have one product to sell). Effective offer on the home page is to cause the visitors a desire to purchase. This is what you want from the client.

If you have more products, you can choose the best of them and briefly to present on the home page to attract internet users. Full offer should be included in the subpages of the site.

tanie strony legnica Often, webmasters make the mistake and put on the home page a lot of different things. It is a definite mistake. If the home page is full, the visitors do not know where to start and do not know what is the most important. The main page of your website should include key elements. It should present the most important assets and the offer the service. Examples of sites brimming main parties are the largest portals like wp.pl or onet.pl - but in this case we are dealing with a completely different pair of boots, so I will not focus on that.

Another frequently encountered situation is to put on the company home page information about the company. Business pages praise on it, write about his achievements, as long as there are and many more things. There is only one problem. Visitor not care how great you are, what you have accomplished. A client do not care about it. He is interested the only in an advantage, you can give him.

Writing on the home page of yourself is like "a shot in the foot." Services and companies hurt themselves in this way. Information about yourself should be presented in the pages like "About us" or "Information". If the web surfer will want to know something about you, he will visit the sub.

Contact details

By user it is one of the most frequently requested information. Contact details should include at least the e-mail address, phone number and office address. In case the client on our website does not find a business address or basic contact information, which are telephone and e-mail, can arouse his suspicion.

Contact form is also very useful element. It should make it possible to query from the side. A large part of the people prefer to obtain information in this way. If the company also uses other channels of communication (eg. Skype) - such information should also be put on the page.

On the company` website should be included information about the company. Besides full company`s name it is good to add an address, National Business Registry Number, fiscal number. Trust is the basis and the customer should make sure that you are not the type of company to "disappear".


The page should contain a presentation of the offered services or products. When you offer is more elaborate - it is optimal to hold it in a separate tabs. In the case of very large quantities of products with different specifications - you should consider creating a product catalog.

By spreading the offer on separate pages, we have the opportunity to better position the our website in the search engines - each element of the offer has its own section along with the relevant keywords in the content and title.

You should also take care to place the product images in good quality - in the case of product offerings.

About company

On the website "About Us" or the "Company", it is advisable to publish the characteristics of the company and a brief history. Subpage should respond to the customer, why does he choose our services or products, and why we are trustworthy. In a word, it is to encourage potential customers to choose our offer. It is worthy also to show a more "human face" of the company - let's put on this page information about the qualifications of employees and their pictures.

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What should not be on the website of the company?

The opinion of customers (especially potential) of our company is often formed on the basis of experience, what makes our website. The company's site should primarily provide comprehensive information about our business and about our company. Presenting irrelevant and unnecessary information and elements totally pointless and can often only irritate users.

1. Name day, weather, date and time

What is the weather, who today celebrates name day, what day or what time - this information is certainly not looking at our customer potentially interested in our offer. In the news services or portal, such information is certainly useful. However, the company is totally unnecessary. Only distract attention from the key content.

2. Too much Flash animation, pop-ups, intro non-skippable

An element that can in an interesting way to revive our site is Flash animations. Nevertheless, they too much is not recommended. They distract attention from internet users relevant content that we want to convey to customers. In addition, a large number of animation or their high complexity make the page will load more slowly. This can irritate users. In the black scenario surfer in such a situation, simply close the site and look for another.

Pop-pop-ups also irritate most users. They create the need for additional clicks to close them in order to display the desired content.


When you decide to place the intro, you should not forget about the creation of the possibility of early closure of the application, should leave the choice to the user, if he wants to go immediately to the content of our site. The aim is to get the visitor to the desired content. It does not necessarily have to have the desire and patience watching our intro. However, if you really want to have to add an intro to our site, take care of it, not to cause a long wait for the display. Nor should it be too long.

3. Music or other sounds

There is probably nothing more annoying - automatically illuminates the music when you open the page. Especially when there is no option "off". Take into account that some users while surfing the Internet have enabled their own music. They also have high gain setting on your computer.

In such cases, users might immediately turn off the sound accompanying our website or escape from our side. However, if you really want to attach sound to our site (for example, on the website of the music industry, where the music is the most desirable) to take care of it, mainstream only at the request of the user launches.

4. Third-party ads, AdSense ads

This point does not require any special explanations and comments. Placing ads of other companies, or the more contextual advertising type AdSense (which many times are advertising our competitors) is a cardinal mistake. We should not treat our company website as a source of income from advertising.

Of course, this point applies only to advertising. Nothing stands in the way to present cooperating with our partner companies, our list of customers or companies whose products we have on offer.

5. Guestbook

This is the functionality that fits into such sites as the site team, artist associations. On the company website is not suitable. Our potential customers are unlikely to be interested in the comments added by visitors to the site. In addition, "Guestbook" requires moderation by the site administrator.

6. Counter

Another thing that does not interest our customers. For it may interest our competitors. If we want to track statistics of visits our website, you can use the free complex statistics, eg. Google Analytics. Access to them is only possible for site owners.

7. Intro - Introduction to the page in the form of a cutscene

When our potential customer including the site of our company to check eg. Pricing offer, sees welcoming him intro, it's usually the first instinct is the desire to find the desired information elsewhere. People involved in the business value their time and such entry page through the intro should never appear on the business pages.

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Things that enrich the company website

Shortly more about the things that make the client will find on our website what he was looking for, it will be even better informed and feel the confidence in our company? I present below a few ideas to enrich our website. Of course, the use of specified proposals also depends on the type and characteristics of the industry in which we operate.

1. Customer References

Letters of reference written by satisfied customers are an excellent way to show new potential clients that as a company we are trustworthy and can be a good partner for cooperation.

If we get permission to put contact details of the person issuing the credentials - should be placed at the site.

2. Prices of products / services

A number of companies mainly services) covers the mystery set their prices. Sometimes this is due to the fact that the price is determined individually depending on the specific order.

In such cases, it is worth at least put some on our spreads.

3. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions allows you to save considerable time. An employee of our company does not need to respond to the repeated and frequently asked questions (for example - how much service / product, what they look like stages of work of the service, how long it takes to deploy, where to find more information about the product, and the like). Thanks to the FAQ, customers can quickly find answers to their questions. They do not waste their time on direct contact.

4. Portfolio

Companies operating in the service industry also are seen and evaluated through the prism of realized orders / projects. It is present portfolio - customers will be able to get more details about our capabilities and services.

5. Newsletter or news

The newsletter or news allows you to inform current and potential customers about new products or of the changes. Send or publish information about new products on offer, the news from the life of the company, promotions.

6. Certificates, awards

If our company can boast gained awards, certificates, diplomas employees or awards, then you should not hesitate to location on the web page copies. Such information inspire credibility and trust of customers, and fully demonstrate the professionalism of the company.








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