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  Adding a site to Google

The service I submit designed page to Google search.

Everyone knows what it is and there is no need to write much about it. This is absolutely the No. 1 in the world.

The position of Google in Poland fully reflect the analytical tests carried out by an international company  Gemius

The picture below speaks for itself.

budowanie stron joomla

"The ranking presents the percentage number of visits that have started entering the search domains on the site." Thus, simplifying the matter, you can tell Google and long long time ... nothing. The rest of you might not bother.

What is a web directory?

This site, which provides information about the web site, grouped thematically. Most often in their description, page title, the keywords and sometimes a brief summary of the contents. Some directories offer an opportunity to put links in the content of the - eagerly take advantage of this.

The examples of links to the directories:

Katalog Stron www

Moderowany katalog stron

The following list "shows the percentage number of visits to the web site directories on other sites" - the results of Gemius

wykonywanie stron internetowych

Adding a site to directories is especially important when positioning your hand, as it will lead to the links from these directories. And that is important and is taken into account by the search engine results positioning.