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What is positioning?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - a whole series of steps to promote a service or a website for well-selected and developed keywords in various search engines like Yahoo or Google and online catalogs. Positioning is the process in which the result creates a high page rank in search engine results and thus significantly increased viewership throughout the site.

The main advantages of positioning:

  • interest in companies positioned,
  • increase: popularity service,
  • acquisition of a new customer, which is the internet user.



The process of positioning page begins at the pre-stage of its creation. The individual page elements are optimized for search engines by using appropriate words and code. This ensures later a good position in the results.


Page title

It is particularly important, perhaps even the most important. It is placed on the list of search results. It is also the first text description of the page (at the same time is a link to the page). It is placed on the list of favorite pages in browsers. It should contain no more than 5-10 words (do not put more than 60, up to 70 characters counting the spaces).
If you are using a CMS, use the opportunity to insert a separate title for each sub.
The title of each page of the site should be unique and unique! Pages CMS often automatically generate a title taken from the first words of the text.
Follow called. the method of the Big Three. Adjust the first four words in such a way that any combination gave a key phrase. Such a conglomeration of words must always make sense.
Do not put words in the page title, which is not in the content on the site or are inconsistent with its contents. Sometimes it is treated by search engines as spam.

Meta tag description

All meta tags should be prepared separately for each sub-site.
Description page is particularly important. Why? As it is positioned as a description of the service by the majority of search engines including Google. If you do not put this tag in the page code, search the description insert the first words taken from the page content. The description tag should be put full sentences describing exactly given subpage. This tag should also contain keywords - optimally 4-6 words / key phrases.
Important rule: keywords, to which we attach the greatest importance should be ALWAYS at the beginning! This applies to everything that connects to your web site. Both the content and meta tags.
Never copy the contents of the tag title to tag desription! Keywords can, of course, to repeat, but the content must be different. Site Description should encourage internet users to visit your site by clicking on a link - the more legwork!
Do not use a longer description than 278 characters. 

Meta tag keywords

This keywords (np.grafik) and phrases (eg. A graphic designer Wrocław), that describe your service (subpage). Once again I want to point out that in the meta tags should be placed only words / phrases that appear in the content on the page (in the body). Otherwise you may be accused of SPAM
Writing keywords keep in mind both plural and singular.
Do not repeat keywords! In any case, not more than one repetition. The best use of these words as synonyms and plural.

Headers h1....h6

A very important element. Follow necessarily headlines. H1 is of course the most important (repeat simply h1 title or content title tag). The least important is the tag h6.
Headlines fulfill the function of titles in the text blocks. As in the book. So should describe the content of text blocks.
Technically speaking, they differ from each font size. In contrast, from the pozycjonerskiej they have a separate weight for search engines. The headers h1 to h6 place the words / key phrases. Without exaggeration, however - no more than 3-4 (preferably 1-2). The number of words contained in the header should not exceed 10. Do not use a repetition.


They are important, but in a fairly moderate underline, bold and italics. It also allows to increase the readability of text - use this technique.


Again, an incredibly important issue. Links - we have two kinds of them:

  • references - pointing to the outside,
  • internal - pointing to pages within the site.

Both types of links are very important. We are increasing thanks to the position of the site.
Anchor text, which is contained in the link text MUST contain the key words. For the positioning service at selected phrases / words is an extremely important issue.
The anchor text does not place more than 7 words (preferably 2 - 3).

Descriptions (alt, title)

Descriptions alternative - we can also put them in the keywords (but in moderation) descriptions of images (alt) are recommended and generally required.

wykonywanie strony joomla

The main text of the page - section body

This is the most important place on the page. Here, just you put the main content and there are no restrictions. The text must, however, be good.
What does it mean? You can not answer that in one sentence. Good in every respect: meaning, content, ease of understanding, the density of keywords / key phrases and transparency.

Location keywords

The most important keywords should be placed as close to the top of the page CODE - it does not matter how it will look in the browser. It is important, where the page code put keywords, which are as high as possible.


The frequency of the occurrence of a search word in the title, text, description, and keywords also affect the value of the page. It is the ratio of the number of repetitions searched words all words in the title, body text) and so on.
For a given keyword frequency should be high in the range of 1-3%. On the other hand, do not overdo repeat these words. There may be suspicion of SPAM, which significantly underestimate it the position of the page. The best solution seems to be 2-5 repetitions of the keyword in the text of one sub.

A good idea is in accordance with the rules: 1 word = 1 sub, which position the one subpage on one word / key phrase. One sub-position can not be too many key phrases / words (ie. Can be, but it is inefficient).