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  How to take good pictures on a website?

Photos must be submitted in the highest resolution. Only in the last stage of preparation of the photos will be reduced to the desired size so as not to lose quality.

All photos should be carefully selected in order to illustrate exactly what a place we want to say. Each of the photographs should have its detailed description. As best format is JPEG.

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Making pictures is best outsource a professional. If, however, you can not spend money on professional quality and you want to take pictures of yourself, remember to:

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  • take pictures with a very good light,
  • use a tripod, and in the absence of at least rest your elbows on the body's own body or a large static object eg. a table,
  • perform multiple shots of the same object, so that you can choose the best,
  • try unusual ways of setting the camera, crouch down, go up the hill,
  • take care that the pictures could be seen perspective,
  • I compose the background value, so that there is no unnecessary objects in the background.

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  Where to find free photos?

There are many sites that collect and provide images free of charge. Some of the following are also offered photos payable in the amount of 0,50 zł up a piece.


Here are some of them:




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  Services selling photos: