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  Slider on the website

Slajdery is effective and popular way of presenting multiple images simultaneously, or any other type of content most prominently on the page. Especially important here is the attractive presentation page because slajder should attract the attention of visitors to our site.

  What are the important images to slider?

Very often I am designing a website I use slajder placed at the top,  see example

In order to maintain such ratios, need photos with width to height ratio of roughly 3: 1, in other words, the resolution eg. 6000 X 2000 px, which when reduced to 1000 X 333 px intercede quietly to slajder (as in the example).

Most mid-range cameras will not perform images of such proportions, as is usually Aspect ratio 3: 2, 4: 3 or similar.

In order to solve this problem, we can take advantage of free or paid so. banks pictures (for paid pics pay extra customer), where we find about the appropriate size for us and a photograph - do it yourself in the fee for the site, if the customer wishes.

However, if we want to insert your own images, this option should be:

  1. Hire a professional photographer with the appropriate equipment for the task.
  2. Purchase (if you do not have) high-end camera that meets the above criteria ;-)
  3. Use a function to capture panoramic images - if you have such a camera, so that we get the right size photos.
  4. Do ordinary digital camera photos of yourself on your own in such a way that they can be combined into a single panoramic photo. How something like this get?
    How To Make an Incredibly Easy Panoramic Photograph With Any Camera
    Panoramic Photography Tutorial 
    Photo call undertake to make yourself the fee for the party, but they must meet the criteria described in the guides - with a blank, then Solomon pour ;-)

  Choosing of Slider

With a wide range of scripts going, one that will adjust the slider in appearance to other parties - in order to maintain a uniform style.

Sliders can handle image files, video, and HTML. They have a number of settings that can be changed, and thus adapt them to your site.

With the basic functionality of a navigation for browsing, smooth transitions with a wide range of effects, titles of HTML code to modify the possibility of creation-based navigation placed in a separate place miniatures and many others.

Always I choose Free, but on request can insert any, including those paid.

The best check yourself what's possible slider can does.

Here are some interesting effects (in older browsers will not be visible). Some have links to other sites.

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