Bespoke Website Design

What do you receive?


The homepage is made free to be assessed, with no obligations. You will not like it, you can give it up.
The number of amendments is unlimited, up to your 100% satisfaction with the appearance of the site - how important it is, you will find out yourself during the project.
Only a few in the country will offer what is in this frame.


The devil is in the details. diabeł tkwi w szczegółach


Optimization of pages for the Google search engine

Pages in the £400 price variant are optimized for the Google search engine. This means that such sites are able to achieve the highest possible position in the results. Website optimization is the foundation of a high position and a condition for good website visibility in the search engine. Read what actions are taken to optimize the website.

The color burgundy in the following list is usually extra paid in similar offerings of competition.

  • favicon,
  • banner lub slider,
  • contact form,
  • attractive photo gallery,
  • an interactive Google Map,
  • graphics supplied by the customer or by me picked on the internet (Photos without copyright),
  • information on the cookies,
  • inserting photographs supplied by the customer or by me,
  • jpg, png logo proposal on web pages (logos in printable vectors are extra paid),
  • other add-ons given by the customer, eg. as video and other (In Joomla there are more than 9,000 thousand),
  • minor updates of created page by the year (no need to employ IT specialist in order to change even such trifle like phone number).

Each made side is in addition:

  • individually programmed according to the customer's needs and built from scratch (no template),
  • optimized for SEO positioning in search engines,
  • added to the Google search engine,
  • access to Google Analytics, advanced statistics website,
  • each side is designed in the latest programming languages: HTML5, CSS3 - that gives new opportunities for creativity,
  • installed after the acceptance of customer on the server,
  • amendments to the full customer satisfaction,
  • based on Content Management System Joomla,
  • responsive web design (the contents are perfectly displayed on tablet, mobile phone, computer monitor, etc.).


The website is designed directly on the Internet. Already during its formation you see what you like or not. You can do the revisions.


Do not buy a pig in a poke. Pay for what you see. Only when you like the project.

Every time I renounce the copyright to the benefit of customers.

In addition, each customer can count on support in the choice of hosting and domain and any other matter related to the creation of the page.

Please pay attention to the inconspicuous-sounding above point: other add-ons...
This point makes the case that in principle I install everything what customer shows me. No additional costs. In practice, this means that I have been working so far, until you get 100% satisfaction with the appearance of the page. In other words: a zero hidden costs.


You will get a responsive web design, as part of a one-time fee.


Currently, Internet users use both mobile, tablet, conventional computers and large monitors in Full HD. Therefore, I build pages so that they look aesthetically pleasing in any contemporary screen resolution.

I recommend a site based on Content Management System Joomla.
As a result, anyone can virtually personally to update its website. There is no need for knowledge of programming languages HTML, PHP, CSS, Java, MySQL and others to deal with. No need for IT specialist and to pay for smallest change on the website. The only you need to have, is a computer with internet access and... that's all ;-)

The right choice of the system is the basic question.

In fact, there are only 3 worth of you attention CMS: Jooomla, WordPress and Drupal. You can have thousands of different free and paid add-ons and broad support. Other CMS systems are missing this - it does not pay to use them.

Design of the logo without a website.

The following information is useful when designing a logo:

  • company profile;
  • company name in the logo;
  • advertising slogan, if it is to be;
  • additional information is welcome, eg favorite coloring, preferred font (eg italics), possible examples from the Internet of a similar industry (no more than 3 examples).

Another option is to create a logo from the basics according to the provided drawing, scan or customer description.

You get several propositions to choose from. The number of amendments is not limited. I work until the customer is 100% satisfied with the logo.

After acceptance, I send files in ready-to-print formats: ai, pdf (vector) and png, jpeg (raster).


Cooperation - Step by Step

Do not buy a pig in a poke, you know what you pay for.

  1. Making contact. You can instantly send FORM VALUATION OF THE WEBSITE to inquire about pricing.
  2. Sending a form to you(to fill it to nothing obliges).
  3. Creating a project home page based on the form information. You pay nothing in advance. You can give up if you do not like the new website.
  4. Only after the homepage acceptance, I would expect the signing of an agreement or a payment on account.
  5. Then the rest of sites are completed and installed on the server.
  6. The entire site is accepted by the customer.
  7. Now I`d expect the payment of the remaining amount to the bank account.


Witold Czuba Creating websites Warszawa, London, Berlin and Legnica | Website development | Graphic artist
Address:, Marynarska 54, 59-220, Legnica, dolnośląskie, Poland, Tel.: +48 780 060 995, Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Witold Czuba

Creating websites Warszawa, London, Berlin and Legnica | Website development | Graphic artist

Marynarska 54
59-220, Legnica,
dolnośląskie, Poland,
Tel.: +48 780 060 995,
Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 4:00 pm