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Professional graphic layout

Speed of websites

Website functionality

Pages adapted to mobile devices

SEO optimization

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For a year minor changes of website free

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You pay when you are 100% satisfied
with the appearance of the website.


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Unique and

interesting projects




  Web design Graphic designer  

I have been involved with IT market since 2005 y. I create from scratch a website in modern technologies. I deal also with the promotion. I do orders as a freelancer.
After detailed consideration of the Client's expectations I create an individual project home page web, completely free of charge and without any obligation on your part. Then I let you know the Internet address where you can view the created website.
Number of amendments the creating website is unlimited. If the newly created website meets your expectations and you have expressed willingness to further co-operation, it is at this stage I would expect the signing of an agreement to create a website or a payment on account. The website is installed on the server specified by you after the approval.


The homepage is made free to be assessed, with no obligations. You will not like it, you can give it up.
The number of amendments is unlimited, up to your 100% satisfaction with the appearance of the site - how important it is, you will find out yourself during the project.
Only a few in the country will offer what is in this frame.


All web pages created by me are optimized for subsequent positioning. Websites are responsive (correctly displayed on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.). They are interactive, attractive and memorable user. Pages are based on a Content Management System Joomla. This allows you independently the website to update without the knowledge of programming languages.

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What should be on the company's website?

Find out what to look for when designing a website.

  • turnaround time to 5-7 days,
  • contact form,
  • transfer of copyrights,
  • information about the files cookies.
  • access to Google Analytics, Advanced Web Stats,
  • individual project website, created from scratch.
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What domain to choose?

Be sure to read it, before you start with the website.


   Orange text items in the above list are usually extra paid in similar offer of competition. In practice, this means that I work so far, until you will get 100% satisfaction with the appearance of created web pages. I offer a unique, tailored to your needs, a website created from scratch - I do not use ready-made templates.

Zero hidden costs - prices are clear, transparent and at the same time against competitors wildly attractive. Simultaneously they do not affect the quality of orders. 14 years of experience in designing web pages makes me doing the job faster. This translates into lower costs.

Every web page I try to give the unique form. Through the use of modern technologies and wildly creative ideas my websites are memorable and very attractive.