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All orders I do as a freelancer. Settlement is based on a contract. First, I become familiar with the client's expectations. Then I make individually designed home page. I give you a web address where it can be evaluated and thus to report any amendments. The Homepage is free of charge and without any obligation on your part. You can inspect and assess the style in which I design. If the Homepage will meet your expectations, it is only now I propose the signing of a contract for the website or I`d expect a payment on account.  In this way, no one is buying the proverbial pig in a poke. You see the results of my work and you know what you pay for.  After approval of the project by the customer, the site is installed on the server specified by the client.


All web pages created by me are responsive.


Responsiveness is a feature that allows a website to adapt to the screen resolution. To put it briefly and clearly: page responsive display correctly (no need to scroll sideways) on all devices - mobile phones, desktops, tablets, laptops and smart phones.

What is a responsive page? >>more

I would recommend basing a site on Content Management System Joomla.

As a result, virtually anyone can personally update and maintain your website. There is no need for knowledge of programming languages HTML, PHP, CSS, Java, MySQL and others. No need to hire a computer specialist. No need to pay outside companies for any change of the page, even minor. It`s enough to have a computer with internet access and... that's all ;-)

I offer in all the following packages the same. The only difference is the total number of pages. It is known that one website can be very flexible. Therefore, it`s important to say, that my offer includes up to 2500 - 3000 characters per page.


Each webpage design is different and is therefore priced individually.


Form for a free and non-binding website pricing.

The most common orders on terms of the number of pages (including home page + the other pages) are:


Package 250 €
up 30 pages
Package 150 €
up 30 pages


Each site is based on Content Managment System Joomla


All prices are net prices. I work on the basis of contract-order or cash settlement.

I install page on the server of your choice as a part of the fee.

To deliever a text to the page is the responsibility of the customer.

Usually I insert on the site:

  • banner or slider,
  • contact form,
  • advanced photo gallery,
  • an interactive Google Map,
  • graphics supplied by the customer or the elaborate by me on the internet,
  • information of cookies file,
  • favicon,
  • logo in jpg or png format for the need of internet (logos in printable vectors are extra paid),
  • other add-ons to the site specified by the customer, eg. video, slide-out tab Facebook and other (in Joomla there are over 9000 thousand).

In addition, each of the sites is:

  • responsive (correct display on mobile, tablet, computer monitors and large Full HD),
  • pre-optimized for SEO positioning,
  • added to the search engine Google,
  • reported to Google Analytics (an insight into advanced stats page),
  • minor updates of created page by the year (no need to employ IT specialist in order to change even such trifle like phone number).

 Orange text indicates items that are usually extra paid or restricted in similar priced offerings of competition. In practice, this means that I work so far, until you will get 100% satisfaction with the appearance of the page. Zero hidden costs. Furthermore, the offer is unique, tailored to your needs. I create a website from scratch - I do not use ready-made templates.


Correct display pages is checked on the 6 most popular search engines.