How to write a good text on a web page?

You will learn the 21 most effective copywriting techniques.

Here we go! Technique number one:

1. Define your recipient

Remember that every reader is different. Among them are auditory learners, visual learners, kinesthetics. When you write text, remember always this division.

Otherwise it will look an offer to a visual person, in another way it will sound to the auditory, and even in a different manner it will be seen by kinesthetics.

It looks like, unfortunately, in practice a little differently.The division into auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetics is too general. You can not create the offer separately for each group.

Most often it happens that people react to specific determination for each of the senses. Some will work harder for words like: look, watch, see (visual learners), and the others for words: loud, listen, quiet (auditory learners), and the others react most strongly to the words: touch, feel, etc. (kinestetics learners).

When writing text, note the characteristic phrases for all these groups.

Imagine a beautiful, yellow beach, quiet and soothing sound of the waves, the sound of a tree in the wind and sensual, hot sand under your feet.

2. Use magnetic headlines

The header is like love at first sight. When the reader get an electrifying impression, half the battle is reached.

Well chosen headline is a matter of absolute priority. You spend most of your time on this item. The reason is simple - it decides whether the text will be read at all.

Here are the basic principles to follow, creating a headline:

copywriting 3

- It must induce emotions, arouse curiosity, represent an advantage, constitute a promise,

- Try to use phrases you, yours, your - the reader will feel that target the offer is directly to him,

- Ask simple and provocative question, for example. "How to find the ideal job?", "How to get rid of stress before the exam?"

- Utilize the number. They make the reader can immediately determine the structure of the text, for example. "5 ways to educate their children"

- Avoid writing in UPPERCASES. The effective copywriting trick is to use a capital letter at the beginning of each word, eg., "How to Find the Perfect Wife?"

- Do not enter into a header the most important information, because more text can not be read,

- Improve your headline!

But keep in mind that even the best selected header does not translate into a performance by a user action, if the rest of the offer will be wrong and incorrectly built.

3. You'll just point out the benefits

One of the most common mistakes is writing primarily about the features instead of benefits.

Benefits: they describe how your product or service will help the reader solve the problem.

Features: they describe your service or product.

So you`ll just point out at the outset of offer all the benefits. They determine in large part whether your product will be sold.

4. Tell intriguing story

Interesting story can work wonders! If told well arouse in the reader a full range of emotions. The recipient begins to identify yourself with occurring characters in the story. He wants to know their fate and subconsciously believe that  the service or product presented in the story will also change for the better his life.

If you want to attract the attention of readers in your story:

- Build tention (make that your story will be read with bated breath),

- Rekindle emotions (the best are stories from real life.),

- Do not forget about the reliability (unbelievable facts are quickly recognized),

- Use numbers (people find them more reliable, serve in its history a specific number, for example. I got €1400).

5. Introduce a unique feature of your offer

A unique feature of the offer (UFO) is another important element to which we pay special attention. To encourage the reader to buy just for you, this task UFO.

Show off the unique features of your product, standing out from the competition. The most commonly used form of attracting the attention of customers is still attractive price. Everyone can not have attractive prices - do not go to the sitter.

Examples of unique features:

Making tasty dishes by home cooking might be the most unique feature of the restaurant.

Delivery of the consignment to the destination on the same day can be a unique feature of the product for a courier company.

Long warranty and valuable bonuses could be for product information UFO.

Tip: Incorporate the unique features of the product in a prudent and honest way, otherwise it will not achieve the intended purpose.

6. Describe your product in detail

Deliver to the reader detailed information about the sold product. Precisely his review, so that the customer had no doubt about the quality. Try to answer all potential questions that arise before or during the purchase. Do not hide anything.

7. Do not focus on yourself, but on the client

First, do not describe that stand out individual approach to the customer, many years of experience, reliability and professionalism. In fact, the reader is not interested in the brand. Instead, it looks for a solution to your problem and leave your website if it does not find.

8. Use the inverted pyramid

The use of so-called. inverted pyramid is a procedure quite popular. Most important for the reader's information is placed at the beginning of the offer. The recipient must find an answer to the 7 basic questions: what? how? when? where? for what? why? who?

A feature of the modern consumer is impatience. He has no time to read too complex offers. Information should be given "on a platter".

At the very beginning deliver the most important ones. Only later go into the details and less relevant content.

Many texts are only scanned his eyes - this leads to accumulation of information. If the beginning of the text is interesting for the reader, he will read probably the rest of it.

copywriting 2

9. Repeat the most important advantages in the text several times

Does it make sense to repeat the most important benefits a few times? Of course! The frequency of redo must be strictly dependent on the length of the text. The longer the text, the more reps use. This procedure aims to remind the reader with the most important elements of your offer and its consolidation.

But remember basic principles:

- too frequent repetition can completely discourage your reader, do not exaggerate,

- the same content, try to communicate using different words; do not repeat the same text again.

10. Use Post Scriptum

Abbreviation PS perfectly complements the offer. This treatment is often used by copywriters. Best to use it as a strong accent ended offer.

A lot of people start reading the text from the PS and subsequently they move to the previous content.

You can use a postscript to present the reader with special benefits, so that he is now supposed to do our action.

Remember! Abbreviation PS can be used not only as an insert forgotten earlier text.

You can use it to remind about their bonuses or as a call to action, for example.

PS Only two copies were at the incredibly low price!

PS Order NOW and get a...

PS Remember, you get... plus a free bonus when you place your order within the next three hours!

11. Use paragraphs

Share your offer, use subheadings. Each text has its own geography - do not forget it.

Make life the reader easy - the offer scans merely with eyes should provide a lot of information.

Remember! One thought, one paragraph.

12. Write dynamically

- the active voice is much better than the passive voice,

- write clearly, use simple terms - the simpler, the better; not everyone is familiar with the professional expression,

- use the present tense; It is best absorbed.


13. Use colors to highlight important parts of the text

Use different colors to highlight the important parts of the text example. Violet background with white font, background yellow, blue and so on.

Text holding colorful attributes is much more attractive. First of all, we attract the reader's attention. Skillfully selected colors and brilliant header can bring to their knees.

But remember not to overdo it. Too excessive visibility colors can backfire!

14. Avoid negative words

Do not use negative words in their texts. You kill in such a way the emotions. Try to avoid such words like: "no", "never","do not" (in some contexts they are to accept and even desirable).

Example awkwardly constructed sentences: why do not you call us today?

It sounds but much better: give us a call today!

Remember that negative emotions of buying arouse the words: markets, cost, charge, cheap, fault, loss, unfortunately, impossible etc.

15. Do not make the reader an idiot

It is a very simple principle. Tell never reader that he have not known anything. It is highly likely that it will be poorly received. Instead of writing "You probably do not know that Copernicus was a woman", write "A lot of people still do not know that Copernicus was a woman."

The second information is for the reader much milder. If he indeed wants to know something - it easy to find it in search engine.

Your image as an expert will increase, and in the eyes of the recipient you gain credibility.



17. Use short sentences

Short paragraphs and sentences are easier to understand and read. It is assumed that the optimal sentence should consist of 14-16 words

Utterance consisting of 20-25 words may still be acceptable.More than 40 words is quite illegible.

18. Use the power of words

If you use words that affect the emotions of the recipient, your offer will be effective. Write fantastic text instead of good one!

Exemplary, emotional words that you can use in your text : discover the secret, surprising, absolutely exclusive, exciting, shocking and so on.

19. Write it and forget it

Write text without stopping. Write how's it going - do not worry about incorrect design and errors. The next day it will be judged! This is an effective and good method which allows soberly assess your work.

When you write text and at the same time you improve it, you lose objectivity, you lose your rhythm. You`re acting under the influence of emotions. You may not notice any errors. Write your text in one breath and then go do something else.

The next day, back to it. Start editing. Surely you see errors that probably escaped you, if the text was corrected during the writing or immediately after its completion.

You generate more interesting ideas when your mind is fresh and rested. It is very important with texts - especially those more complex.

20. Improve ready text

Always correct your text! There are no ideal texts. The more errors you`ll find and improve, the better.

A good idea is to send it to several friends, asking them to indicate errors. You'll see what happens then.

Once you improve your text - fix it again. Then again, at least 3 or 4 times.

21. Read the content of the offer from end to beginning

Starting from the end see your offer. This is a great method for catching any spelling errors and typos.

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