1. What is a domain?

This is a unique Internet address, necessary for the existence of the page on the web.

2. What is web hosting?

It is a place where physically are kept files of your site. This server runs 24 hours per day and night. There are free and paid hosting.

3. What is a Content Management System Joomla?

In short, it is a system for self-service website. This is not to need any knowledge of coding language pages. It`s enough to have just a simple ability to use a text editor. This allows you independently to make changes to pages, update content, insert images etc. Benefits from the Content Management System Joomla are immense.

4. How is the cooperation in the course of creating a website?

In fact, I can design each page. It is important, however, that I knew what a customer needs and what is his vision of the site. Therefore, in the first instance I send e-mail to the customer in order to fill out a form. Given answers allow me to direct the project in the right direction. Based on the information contained in a form I know what is to be the colour of the page, topic, type of menu, etc.

5. Can I rely entirely on your project?

Yes, absolutely. I made a page designs on various topics and you can rely on my experience.

6. Is my website design unique?

I do not use ready-made templates. Each site has a unique appearance and is individually designed from the ground up.

7. Is it possible to inspect the site design in the course of its creation?

Yes. After receiving order I send you a web address, where is creating the project. The customer sees on a regular basis the progress of the works and may raise any objections. Amendments are immediately implemented. The customer is the same co-founder of the whole site. All is formed under his needs and imagination.

8. Is there a need for signing of agreement before the homepage is ready?

There is no such need. I create a homepage free in order to show my style of performing web pages. There is no any obligation on the part of the customer. If you do not like a created a page, you can cancel my service. However, if it meets the expectations of the customer, I would expect at this stage the contract or payment on account to work further.

9. Is limited the number of amendments?

No, it's not. I work as long as the customer is 100% satisfied with the appearance of the entire site.

10. Is it necessary to deliver his own texts to the site?

Yes. Delivery of texts is the responsibility of the customer. However, when designing pages are not too complex it is possible to provide only their offers, flyers, etc. Then I can plan all reasonably on the page.

11. Do I have to supply your own pictures?

This is the most desirable. However, in a situation where the website photos are not to be counted in the tens or hundreds, I always declare my assistance. I can find something appropriate to the theme of the page on the Internet (photographs with no copyrights).

12. Can I give other websites as a model?

Yes, you can. However, I introduce each time new elements to a page and I change the existing ones. The page is also created on my own HTML code. As a result, I create a new and unique web page. I care about no one said, that the web page is a copy of another. Even if the site is made in such a way, it will have individual character.

13. How to prepare materials?

The work greatly accelerates the complex delivery of materials in sequence on each side. For example, first, everything what has to be placed on the "Home" page. Then another a page for instance, "Offer", then let`s say "Prices" etc. To have all the material, namely text and images on one page, it means I can immediately arrange everything in the best locations and matching combinations. I have the possibility to make a nice and attractive pages. Chaotic delivery of materials in pieces, each on a different website, it`s not the way to project a mesmerizing sites.

14. In what technologies I create pages?

In code pages I use HTML5. It is the latest programming language producing a wide range of activities to perform site. It enables the implementation of a whole series of spectacular additives and creates a huge creative possibility in the presentation of web pages. Moreover, in my projects I use CSS3, PHP5, JS, JQuery and others.

15. Will my pages have a code to facilitate their positioning?

The entire site is programmed the correct code. In addition, this code is pre-optimized for search engine algorithms. In the code I put keywords relevant to the page too.

16. Do I submit a newly created website to Google?

Each site created by me is submitted to Google search.

17. How to check if a page has been indexed by Google?

To verify that the site is indexed by Google, enter in the search box:
site: pagename.en
Of course, in place of "pagename" enter your own address, but without the "www" or "http", exactly as given above.
If it appears any query results, it means that the site is already indexed by Google. No results indicate that the page is not in the Google index.

18. Is it possible to install the add-on I indicated you?

Pages designed by me are based on the Content Management System Joomla. The customer can specify any add-on of Joomla and I will install it. There are available add-ons approx. 9,000 thousand at the moment.


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Witold Czuba

Creating websites Warszawa, London, Berlin and Legnica | Website development | Graphic artist

Marynarska 54
59-220, Legnica,
dolnośląskie, Poland,
Tel.: +48 780 060 995,
Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 4:00 pm