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On request, we intercede on page photo gallery.

With a wide range of scripts going, one that will adapt the whole gallery in appearance to other parties - in order to maintain a uniform style.

Galleries can handle image files, video, and HTML. They have a number of settings that can be changed, and thus adapt them to your site.

From basic functionality to navigate to browse, slideshow with smooth transitions, scrolling images, zoom, thumbnails when you hover over any of them, or at the end of the full screen.

Galleries are very flexible and can easily be adapted to your own site. Always I choose free but on request can insert any, including those paid.

Here are some interesting effects (in older browsers will not be visible). Some have links to other sites.


desert1 sunbreakthrough duck sunflower forest galeria zdjec


tinywebgallery flashgallery robienie stron wroclaw projekty stron firmowych wroclaw grafik legnica wallgallery