What materials are needed to create a website?

Materials should be delivered primarily in the electronic version, orderly and consistent.


All the best to prepare texts in a text editor such as MS Word or OpenOffice Writer, collected in a single file using styles, so that automatically generated table of contents composed in the structure, which will be based navigation page.

In places where they have to appear photos, insert the appropriate annotation file name to use in a given place.

It is advisable to also provide alternative images to be placed in the same place, if it turned out that eg. Color better they fit into the whole.


All graphics such as logos, letterheads, advertisements designed to deliver best-in vector format.

Supplied components visual identification are a very important part of graphic materials, which can resist creating a graphic layout of the page.


The pictures on the page should be provided in the highest resolution. Preferably in JPEG format. Only in the last stage of preparation graphics will be reduced to the desired size so as not to lose quality.

Each image is carefully selected, so that illustrated the exactly what you want in a place to say. In addition, each photo should have its detailed description.

Making pictures is best outsource a professional. If, however, you can not spend money on professional quality and you want to take pictures of yourself, remember to:

  • take pictures with very good lighting, it is best to use artificial lighting,
  • use a tripod,
  • perform multiple shots of the same object, so that you can choose the best,
  • try unusual ways of setting the camera, crouch down, go up the hill,
  • take care that the pictures could be seen perspective,
  • I compose background well, so that it was unnecessary background objects.

What are the important images to sliders?

Very often I am designing a website I use slajder placed at the top, see example

In order to maintain such ratios, need photos with width to height ratio of roughly 3: 1, in other words, the resolution eg. 6000 X 2000 px, which when reduced to 1000 X 333 px intercede calmly to the slider (as in the example).

Most mid-range cameras will not perform images of such proportions, as is usually Aspect ratio 3: 2, 4: 3 or similar.

In order to solve this problem, we can take advantage of free or paid so. banks pictures (for paid pics pay extra customer), where we find about the appropriate size for us and themed photographs - do it yourself in the fee for the site, if the customer wishes.

However, if we want to insert your own images, this option should be:

  1. Hire a professional photographer with the appropriate equipment for the task.
  2. Purchase (if you do not have) high-end camera that meets the above criteria ;-)
  3. Use a function to capture panoramic images - if you have such a camera, so that we get the right size photos.
  4. Do ordinary digital camera photos of yourself on your own in such a way that they can be combined into a single panoramic photo. How something like this get?
    How To Make an Incredibly Easy Panoramic Photograph With Any Camera
    Panoramic Photography Tutorial 
    Photo call undertake to make yourself the fee for the party, but they must meet the criteria described in the guides - with a blank, then Solomon pour :-)

More about the photos and images you will learn here:

40 Tips to Take Better Photos

File names

All files should have the name accurately describes their content. In preparing the text portion of the page should indicate the image files to be used in a given place and a brief description of the alternative, which will be displayed in the case where the image can not be displayed. E.g:

You will find in our offer the best wines:

  • red wines (czerwone_kieliszek_stol.jpg - name and file format) (Red wine on old table - the inscription alternate);
  • white wines (biale_butelka_piwnica.jpg) (Bottle of white wine in the cellars);
  • champagnes (butelka_kubelek_lod.jpg) (Bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice);
  • Other images for use:
  • korek_pieczatka_chateau_latour.jpg (cap with a stamp Château Latour);
  • korek_pieczatka_chateau_latour6.jpg (cap with a stamp Château Latour);
  • winogrona_zielone2.jpg (green grapes);
  • winogrona_lisc.jpg (Young grape leaves).

What can you save?

You can save, primarily by reducing the amount of time that the designer has to devote to the preparation of the page.

The case will make it easier:

  • providing professionally prepared corporate identity;
  • reliable preparation of large amounts of text to insert page (showing the proper hierarchy of information and links to other files);
  • to provide high-quality graphic materials along with their text descriptions (graphics prepared in advance for advertising, photos taken earlier by professionals).
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Marynarska 54
59-220, Legnica,
dolnośląskie, Poland,
Tel.: +48 780 060 995,
Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 4:00 pm