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  Hosting - Free or Paid?

What is server hosting and which one to choose?


Hosting is providing space for working without interruption, internet connected computer (called a server). Party to work, the server must support. Hosting companies engaged in provision of just such a place. This type of service is called hosting.


If the selected server is not working properly, your website will not be available. Therefore, we should choose a web hosting deal with particular care.

Uptime is a term strictly related to hosting. This is the percentage of time the server without failure, and thus it supports sites. Uptime should not be less than 99%, which means that if our site will be viewed by a certain amount of time, then it will appear correctly in 99% of cases.

Some of the hosting companies guarantee their uptime. If this ratio falls below the declared value, the company pays the money.


Hosting free

Free hosting is designed primarily for sites with low traffic, it is a party hobby, family or private. Definitely can not recommend it for corporate parties.

Definitely, it can not be recommended for company websites, because most often there is no possibility of connecting to hosting your own domain. This makes it impossible to good position your own website.

For the maintenance of the same site on a free hosting does not have to pay. Nevertheless, the principle: nothing is for free, using this service, we are forced to ad insertion hosting companies even thematically unrelated to the content of our sites. Standard are also unwanted pop-up windows advertising, long loading time of websites, restrictions on the size of uploaded files, filling up the mail spam or limited transfer. All these inconveniences and difficulties may expose the image of our company.

wykonywanie stron joomla

Hosting płatny

Therefore, if you attach importance to the professional image of our company on the internet, we should choose a paid hosting in a way that appropriately tailored to our needs.

If we are going to lead a simple page, for example, a virtual card company, enough for us to fully service shared hosting. This type of hosting is affordable. Although virtual servers are shared with other clients of the hosting company it is the most popular type of web hosting. It is particularly attractive for small business owners with average numbers of clients (and thus the people visiting the site). The load of such sites is therefore not large enough to interfere with the operation of the server. The costs of maintaining such sites are small, several times lower than for dedicated hosting.

But if we are going to run a big, serious service, store or other activity attracts many surfers, we should decide to purchase a dedicated server. This type of hosting guarantees a constant availability of resources, predictability and stability. Although dedicated hosting is much more expensive, it can be said that this is an investment that will positively affect the image of our company and ensure the proper functioning of the network.

hosting minWhat is the difference parameters offers web hosting?

Depending on the complexity of your website you need to choose a web hosting service that guarantees the appropriate technology. The requirements in this regard are rather standard - just pay attention to whether the offer includes MySQL and PHP technologies. To be sure, ask the designer of the page if it's enough.

Hosting plans also have limits on disk space (given in MB (megabyte), or GB (gigabyte, 1 GB is approx. 1000 MB). For a typical page just 200 MB of disk space. However, if you're planning on posting more photos or videos, you should choose an offer that has several GB.

An important parameter is the shuttle. By transfer shall be the amount of data that is sent from the server to Internet users. For example, the image is 2 MB and is sent to 2 Internet users browsing the Web. The generated transfer is 2 x 2 MB or 4 MB.

The transfer value for a typical Web page is unlikely to exceed 20 GB monthly. Safe limit, however, is 40 GB.

What to look for choosing a web hosting offer?

Apart from the above features, pay attention, whether to automatically turn off our side after reaching the limit of disk space or transfer, or will continue to operate the Internet. In the latter case, we will pay contractual penalties. So you should read the contract or ask your hosting company about the case. Above all, choose an hosting of the limits to which they do not even get close - you only need to find the right deal for us.

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