Bespoke / Custom Web Design & Development London

Tailor-made pages. For companies and individual clients. Each page is adjusted to the client's needs.

Website Optimization for the Google Search Engine

I offer website development with optimization for the Google search engine. This will ensure a high position in local positioning.

Free Home Page for Evaluation

If the designed home page does not meet your expectations, you can resign from my services at no cost.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The website design is carried out until you are satisfied with its appearance. This means an unlimited number of corrections.

Functionality of designed websites
for residents of London and other cities -:)

The functionality of the website is such its structure that allows the user finds the desired content quickly and efficiently. Although it sounds funny, most Internet users do not read the website at all, but scan it with their eyes looking for points of reference. In particular, these are headings, links, numbered lists, text bold or highlighted in a different color. Only then does the user pay attention to the graphics.

Modern website design - Design of a positioned website for companies

  • any number of language versions,
  • logo in .jpg .png format for websites, example, >>
  • files to download (e.g. PDF, documents, videos, photos),
  • favicon, what is this? >>,
  • blog section / news,
  • the ability to add and remove administrators and set permissions,
  • any number of email with domain address,
  • contact form,
  • information about cookies,
  • GDPR compliance,
  • transfer of copyright,
  • placing the page on Google Maps,
  • creating an account in Google Search Console,
  • if necessary, corrected any number of times until full customer satisfaction.

The Burgundy color in the above lists means items most often paid additionally, subject to restrictions or without such options at other website designers


Bespoke / Custom Web Design London – 100% positive feedback from Google

Every customer of the company can add an opinion on the quality of services provided to Google. When they are negative, they cannot be removed, but only can be answered. Therefore, they are reliable.



domain to choose

London website pricing

The highest quality of the website at an affordable price

The website price list may be particularly attractive for residents and companies from London, where the prices are quite high compared to the prices of Polish companies. In particular, when we take the range of services that the customer receives in return. London website pricing.

The website build quality, on the other hand, is even higher than that of many London based website builders.

How much does a website cost in 2021?

Variant £360 (net) + £33 tax

Main features

  1. Up to 30 subpages.
  2. Website optimized for search engines - potential position on the 1st page in Google results.
  3. When necessary, I search for photos relevant to the subject of the website (those without copyright).
  4. Website based on the CMS Joomla Content Management System.
  5. The number of corrections is unlimited. This means work until the customer is 100% satisfied with the appearance of the website. Such a point is extremely rare in the offers of other companies.
  6. One-year warranty for correct page display.

The best choice for companies that want to acquire customers through the website. In this pricing option, the emphasis is on building the website in such a way that it would rank in the top ten results of the Google search engine.

From the very beginning, the website is optimized for search engines (SEO optimization). This is achieved by a number of activities, including proper selection of keywords and phrases, metadata optimization, speeding up the loading of individual pages, etc.
Additional components supporting the positioning of the website are also installed.

As a result, most of the websites designed by me rank in the top 10 results of the Google search engine without the need for additional website positioning.

Variant £200 (net) + £18 tax

Main features

  1. Up to 10 subpages.
  2. Website optimized for search engines - potential position on the 1st page in Google results.
  3. The delivery of the photos to the website is the responsibility of the customer or I search for them myself on the internet (those without copyright).
  4. Website based on the CMS Joomla Content Management System.
  5. The number of corrections is unlimited. This means work until the customer is 100% satisfied with the appearance of the website. Such a point is extremely rare in the offers of other companies.
  6. One-year warranty for correct page display.

The optimal choice for companies that attach more importance to an attractive and functional website when the website is to perform an informative function.

It is also a good choice for various associations, clubs, interest groups, assemblies, unions in a situation where the site will not compete with others for a good position in Google's results.

In industries with weaker competition for company websites and in smaller towns, it is possible to be ranked on the 1st page without additional website positioning.

Your website will be attractive, functional, modern, memorable and positively distinguished from websites with similar topics.

The secret of effective pages – read.

If the website is to have any functionalities and features not listed below, e.g. extended forms, surveys, rare scripts, then the project is priced individually. Each additional language version is associated with an additional £40. Option £360: logo format .pdf, vectors, printable and .webp on the website. Logo - variant £200: format .png on the website, not suitable for printing.

The cost of maintaining the site is payable directly to the service provider of your choice (not to me):
- purchase of hosting (approx. £9 / year),
- domain (approx. £2 / year),
- SSL certificate (approx. £4 / year).
I provide all necessary information or order the above services myself.


Website price list - Website prices 2021


Website price

Website cost from £200. Comprehensive service. SEO optimization. CMS Joomla, website responsiveness. Free support. 1 year technical warranty. 15 years of experience.



Website construction price in detail 2021.

Responsive website based on the Content Management System Joomla

Website pricelist for every budget: Londoner and not only - :)

Color burgundy means usually paid items (or without this option) with other web designers.

What you get for the website – page price list (net): £360 £200
Graphic design
The website is created directly on the web on my server. It is for inspection. A number of corrections is unlimited. After acceptance of the appearance, it is installed on the indicated server.
Home page
Free to evaluate without any obligations. If you don't like it, you can opt out (no need to provide reasons).
RWD responsiveness
Website feature. It allows you to adapt to the screen resolution on which the page is currently viewed. The correct look on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
SEO friendly
Analysis of needs and phrases. User and search engine friendly structure of the site. Option PLN 1750 - a proposal of titles edited in terms of website positioning.
Quite an important matter. Poor hosting is slow sites, no support or delayed support. Help with buying and choosing.
Also important from the SEO point of view. Help with choosing.
CMS Joomla - administrative panel
Intuitive CMS panel allowing for independent development of the website without knowledge of coding languages. The ability to edit and add articles, menu items, photos, videos, content, contact details and more.
Modern and attractive design
Your project will be transparent, friendly and easily remembered by the recipient. The colors are tailored to the nature of your business.
SSL certificate
Certificate to protect one domain name. Configuration and implementation.
Website functionality
Ease of use and transparency. The structure of the site allows you to find quickly any information.
The speed of loading websites
A series of treatments to maximize the speed of the page. Among others graphics reduction, data compression, static file cache, server-side cache and others. Better conversion.
Number of sub pages up to 30 
A sub page is a unique address in the browser's address bar.
Processing of photographs provided by the client. If necessary, I provide photographs adequate to the subject of the site. Convert all photos to the latest generation JPEG 2000, JPEG XR and WebP format. Thanks to this, the volume of pages is much smaller, which makes them load faster. Adding alt descriptions at your photos.
Individually designed graphics
The graphics are adapted to the theme of the page. It is saved in the next generation JPEG 2000, JPEG XR or WebP format.
Multilayer slider
Possibility to insert video and links as well as many layers in one slide. That makes it incredibly effective. Unlimited number of slides. I use one of the best in the world and this is not an exaggeration - Creative Slider. Individual purchase price of $19 (not applicable to my customers).
An individually designed static banner for the home page.
Modern photo gallery
Also the world's top from available galleries: 6Gallery Balbooa PRO – check it out for yourself. Individual purchase price of $36 (not applicable to my customers).
Connecting Social Media
E.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
It always refers in some way to the scope of the company's activities. If necessary, I present a proposal for its appearance. Option £360: logo .pdf vectors, for printing and .webp on the page, Option £200: logo format .png on the page, not suitable for printing.
Interactive Google Map
With setting out the route, providing distance and time.
Each additional version comes with an additional PLN 200. Translations provided by the client.
Translations provided by the client.
Email with domain address, unlimited number.
Setting up mailboxes. Email configuration. Anti spam protection. Antivirus protection. Autoresponders. Vacation messages. IMAP support.
PHP in the latest versions 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
All field types are available.
Google Analitics
Create an account. Advanced website statistics, number of visits and more.
Search Console
Google website administration tool. Your site will be submitted for indexation (it is then shown in the search results).
Google My Business
Creating an account. Business card configuration. The page will be displayed in the search results in the Google Maps section. See example.
Training on the use of CMS Joomla
I help and provide all information about what and how it works.
Support after site installation
For a year minor changes on the site in the purchase price. Technical support – in any case of problems I am available 24 hours a day.
One year warranty for the proper functioning of the website
If if any bugs are found, they are fixed immediately after being reported.
SEO optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), i.e. optimization of websites for search engines. A number of activities aimed at preparing the site so that it is able to achieve the highest positions in search engine results. Such as e.g. compression of code, photos etc.
Copywriting – how to write good text for a website?
Checking the sent text for linguistic correctness. Correcting typos (only polish).
Audit of the first 3 pages of the same industry from the 1st page in Google results.
We get to know the "enemy" too much. This allows you to determine at the outset what conditions your site must meet to compete with the best.
Optimization of sent texts for search engines
The use of relevant words and key phrases in the text. Correct distribution and condensation.
Optimization of meta tags.
Adding individual descriptions and titles for each sub page.
HTTP / 2 protocol
An absolute novelty! HTTP / 2 is a really huge ... huge technological change. Recommended by Google. It allows simultaneous handling of multiple requests. Possibility of pushing files. Header compression. The speed of opening pages is definitely increasing.
Component Speed Cache
The manufacturer's website lists all the features. It provides powerful static page caching, full browser cache system, preload cache system, URL cache on / off control and resource minimization. Individual purchase price of $ 29 (not applicable to my customers).
JsiteMap Proffessional Component
On the creator's website all functionalities are listed. A powerful and complete SEO package for indexing and managing sitemaps! Increases indexing with an advanced sitemap generator and SEO indexing tool. It helps the user navigate the entire site. Individual purchase price 49 (not applicable to my customers).



Minor changes to the website for a year as part of a one-time fee for the website design.

Technical support and warranty for a correct page display for one year. In case of problems, I remove faults without charging additional costs.



After the website design is completed, I provide administrative, programming and marketing support. I conduct training on the use of the CMS content management panel. I take care of the security and updating of scripts and I am available in case of system expansion or changes to the website.

    I offer a unique website tailored to your needs, built from scratch - I do not use ready-made templates. In practice, this means that I work until you get 100% satisfaction with the appearance of the created website.

Zero hidden costs - the prices are clear, transparent and at the same time extremely attractive compared to competitors. At the same time, they do not reduce the quality of the order. 15 years of experience in designing websites makes me do the job faster. This translates into lower costs.

I try to present each website in the most unique form. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and wildly creative ideas my websites are easily memorable and extremely attractive.



Realizations – Websites designed for companies from London and not only-;) – Portfolio

The projects speak for themselves! See examples of website realizations.

Portfolio - get to know the scale of possibilities



12 rules for designing effective websites

What should an effective website be like? Here are some practical tips.

An effective website is in the top 10 of Google search engine results


Most of the websites designed by me are in the top 10 of Google search results - no additional positioning.

1. Valuable, original and current content

What should be on the website of the company?

The texts for the website should be of good quality, arousing interest and transparent. It is known that Google ranks higher pages filled with content focused on the topic of the page, which thus brings knowledge to users. Google attaches great importance to the context of the content. The texts must also contain appropriate keyword saturation. The content should be original and based on current sources. It can be enriched with such elements as: photos, animations, graphics or movies.

When writing, we should also remember about spelling and linguistic correctness. Disregarding this issue can effectively discourage users. Let's not forget about inserting descriptions alternative to the photographs and graphics placed on the website. By using the H1-H6 title headers we increase the readability of the text, but also indicate to Google bots the most important content in the author's assessment. It's good practice to include keywords in your headers, but titles must look natural, not forcefully stuffed with keywords. Let's be moderate, otherwise our Google search algorithm will interpret our content as spam.

2. Properly selected keywords

What are keywords?

These are single words, but also groups of words that form phrases that the user searching for information on a given topic, enters the search engine. Google's algorithms then search the database of indexed sites. The results then display the pages whose content best suits and matches those entered by the user. The same words and phrases found on the websites will then be in bold in the results returned. These words and those identical on your site are just keywords. Figuratively speaking, they open the door to our potential customer to our website. That is why it is so important to place properly prepared keywords in the content on the page.

Where is the best place to enter keywords and phrases on the website?

Search engine bots register key phrases from top to bottom. More weight is attached to the words at the top of the page, so focus on the first page segments, starting with:

- website name,
- page description,
- headings H1, H2 and H3,
- keywords placed in meta tags,
- names of photos, graphics, files that are posted on the site and their alternative descriptions,
- anchor text, i.e. links in the page content,
- We also use bold and italics markers to highlight these words.

3. Website functionality

Clear content, intuitive navigation, quick and easy access to information with a maximum of 3 clicks, the ability to return to the start page.

4. Professional graphic layout

Clear graphics, large photographs, flat design, consistent colors adapted to the theme of the site,

5. Optimization of meta data

What is html metadata?

What are html tags?

Meta`s tags are elements placed in the head section of a website. They are also called HTML tags. Some tags are visible to users, other only for Google bots. Most of them influence the position of website in search engine results. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the issue of proper optimization of these elements. Among the meta tags that should be optimized for SEO we can distinguish:

- title
- description,
- keywords, currently the Google algorithm does not take them into account, but it is worth to add them,
- robots.txt file, can block bot access to the website,
- meta name = "original-source" content = "WebsiteAddress" allows you to indicate the original content, it is worth using when parts of the content of our site are also cited elsewhere on the Internet,
- meta name = "robots" content = "noodp" Google does not change the website title to the title set in the DMOZ – Open Directory Project directory.

Title, description, keywords should be different for each page and their content cannot be repeated. Additionally,  they should reflect the content on the page.

6. No duplicate content from other sites or within the same site

The Google (panda) algorithm easily captures pages that have copied content from other pages. If the percentage of text repetition is too high, then you can forget about a good position in the search engine. This also applies to modified texts. It's also important to note that duplication of content can occur on one and the same site. In particular, this happens in various CMS. This can be eliminated, among others by using 301 redirects, placing canonical addresses on individual pages, entering title headers for each page.

7. Internal linking

What is internal links?

Internal linking (hyperlinks) are links to individual subpages of the same site. It is worth using key words and phrases in them. In this way, we facilitate the navigation of users, and at the same time Google bots index your subpage and assign the appropriate topic to your site. Appropriate use of links in this way can significantly improve the position of the page in Google search results.

Link breakdown based on type

Text links,
The text will be visible in the browser. After clicking the link we will be taken to the page with the address indicated by href.

Graphic links,
We provide the address of the photo / graphic that will be visible instead of the text and the address of the page. The graphic link due to SEO (search engine optimization) should have additional parameters alt, width and height (alternative description, width and height). Additionally, you can add a title attribute to the image. Then, after hovering over the picture or graphic, a bubble with an inscription between the title tags will appear.

It is worth using both types of links on the website. Graphics are slightly higher valued by the Google algorithm.

8. The speed of loading individual pages

This is quite an important ranking indicator. Slowly opening website lose Internet users for a long time. Not everyone has the patience to wait long. A page that loads longer than 5 seconds loses 40% of potential customers. Bounce rate increases. Google gets a signal that the site is not very user friendly. This translates into a weak position of the page in the results.

To load the page quickly, it is recommended to compress and scale the images or use the latest photo formats, e.g. webp. Avoid complex scripts that slow down the opening of pages. It's worth using PageSpeed Insight. We will receive detailed information on what to do to improve the site. Google attaches particular importance to the speed of loading pages on mobile devices.

9. Website responsiveness

What is page responsiveness?

Another very important factor to which Google algorithms attach great importance. Mobile devices are very popular and it is necessary to take care of this aspect of the website's functionality. Responsive websites are favored in search engine results. It is necessary to put the same content on a computer, telephone or tablet.

10. Website security

User safety for Google is also an important issue. Sites with an SSL certificate are awarded in the results. The certificate informs the Internet user that the site is safe, uncontaminated by any virus. This increases the trust and credibility of the site. Thus, it also reduces the bounce rate.

For websites with forms, where personal data is provided, it is simply a requirement, and for online stores it is a necessity.

11. Site map

What is a sitemap?

It is an XML document in which the addresses to all subpages of the website are contained in a list. The site map makes it easier for Googlebots to navigate the site and indexes individual subpages. For complex sites, it is an absolute must. For smaller and even very small ones, it is also worth using them, because it increases the value of our website.

12. Factors related to off-site activities

Valuable external links

What are external links?

These are links / links to our website. According to Google's philosophy, the pages to which many valuable links lead are attractive, interesting and have interesting content for users, with which the inserting link wants to share with others. This sharing of the page is a clear signal to Google's algorithm that the content of the page is valuable to users.

What are valuable links?

These are the links:
- coming from a site with similar topics,
- the page from which they lead should contain checked and valuable information,
- it is good that the links come from sites of high value according to Google, highly ranked in Goole search engine results
- links should be natural, obtaining them through programs is excluded,
- links from government domains with the .gov extension.

Domain authority and age

Domains with a long and positive history are ranked higher. Domain authority is calculated primarily on the basis of links leading to the page.


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