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65 €



Professional graphic layout

Speed of websites

Website functionality

Pages adapted to mobile devices

SEO optimization

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For a year minor changes of website free

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You pay when you are 100%
satisfied with the appearance of the website.


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Unique and

interesting projects





What are cookies?

Cookies (ang. Cookies) are small text information. They are sent by the server and stored on the user side. Most often on the hard disk. The information contained in the cookie can be read only by the server that created them. Cookies are most commonly used for online stores, probes, advertisements, counters, pages requiring login and monitor visitor activity.


Cookies may contain information about the history of communication with the user side, and actually the server. Typically, they are used to recognize the user by the server. This allows you to quickly generate a page dedicated to him. It is possible to create personalized websites, shopping carts in online stores and service log. The use of cookies in the probes and counters allows the server to check whether a given computer was put already voted or whether the page has.

How we use cookies?

  • use it to read and analyze statistics Analitics Google and Google AdWords,
  • cookies make it possible to avoid the repeated presentation of the same survey the same internet user,
  • web content can be adapted to the preferences of the user, thus allowing it to optimize the use of the web pages.
  • Cookies allow you to avoid repeated presentation of the same survey the same user.

Cookies can disable using the settings of your web browser.

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  • Website

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  • Website

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What should be on the company's website?

Find out what to look for when designing a website.

  • turnaround time to 5-7 days,
  • contact form,
  • transfer of copyrights,
  • information about the files cookies.
  • access to Google Analytics, Advanced Web Stats,
  • individual project website, created from scratch,
grafik komputerowy wroclaw

What domain to choose?

Be sure to read it, before you start with the website.


   Orange text items in the above list are usually extra paid in similar offer of competition. In practice, this means that I work so far, until you will get 100% satisfaction with the appearance of created web pages. I offer a unique, tailored to your needs, a website created from scratch - I do not use ready-made templates.

Zero hidden costs - prices are clear, transparent and at the same time against competitors wildly attractive. Simultaneously they do not affect the quality of orders. 14 years of experience in designing web pages makes me doing the job faster. This translates into lower costs.

Every web page I try to give the unique form. Through the use of modern technologies and wildly creative ideas my websites are memorable and very attractive.